Malgorzata Miszewska (’78).
(But you can call me Maggie)

Born and raised in Gdynia, Poland. Now living in Wakefield, UK.
Graphic designer, writer, photographer, artist.

I always wanted to paint, draw or play the instrument. Unfortunately, my parents decided that “You need to have a proper work to earn the money and have a decent life”.
They considered being an artist as a waste of time and straight way to be broke and degenerated (sex, drugs, alcohol, all this decadence stuff). So there was no art school option for me at that time. I get the proper education, I get the proper jobs, but… I always felt like I am missing something important.

Years ago I made some courses to learn graphic design, because that was something I wanted to do – graphic design. And I am still into this!
As I worked my proper jobs I felt the urge for learning in art direction. I checked for courses available in my city and I started one, Advertisement’s Organisation – mostly because there was a lot of ‘artsy’ classes I was interested in. It was a brilliant two years.
After finished I decided to start another yearly course, this time it was ‘very artsy’ and focused on practice one, Painting and Drawing.
We meet twice a month for full weekends to paint, draw and learn the history of art. You took your easel and spend the whole day with a pencil, charcoal or paints. It was exhausting, but also gives me a lot of satisfaction. My back and legs hurt, but my mind was in the flow.

In November 2016 I decided to move to England. The situation in Poland (economic and political) was (and still is) tough. Nothing kept me there. So I sold/given away most of my stuff, packed the rest (mostly books), arranged the cargo for boxes and my beloved cat and with my parents/family/friends blessings – I finally emigrated in February 2017.

First Reading, now Wakefield. New life, new opportunities.